GMail Drive Shell Extension, use GMail as a network hard driveThere was a lot of excitement about the 1 GigaByte GMail (Google Mail) storage capacity, but honestly, that’s a lot of emails. My friend Raul showed me a better way to use all this space.

He pointed me out to the GMail Drive Shell Extension.

This piece of software magically turns your GMail account into a (network) drive! The drive will even show up in Window Explorer (hence, the name Shell Extension).

I tried it on my PC and after a 3 seconds installation I was copying files on this drive. I wonder how Google is going to react to this, as they probably did not expect that we would be really using the 1GB space!

Who is going to do a version that supports the 2GB MSN email?

[GMail shell extension]
Thanks to Raul for the tip.

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