GMail Drive Shell Extension, use your GMail account as a Network Drive (Part 2)I keep receiving questions about the GMail Drive Shell Extension since I mentionned it in this Blog.

Here’s a short FAQ

• This allows you to use GMail as a Network Drive
• A new drive icon will show up in your windows explorer
• The maximum file size is limited at 10MB
• 40 character file names
• Only one account is supported
• It can be uninstalled like a regular app
• GMail does not like .zip files, rename them before copying them
• I don’t know if it’s possible to unmount the drive

Installation Requirements
Internet Explorer 5 or better

Installation Guide
* Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder.
* Run the Setup application.

[location#1 - download GMailFS 1.03]
[location#2 - download GMailFS 1.03]

[discuss on slashdot]

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