The Apple 30" LCD also works on PCThe common wisdom is that the 30″ Apple works only with Apple Computers. Wrong.

“Blethrow”, a Hard Forum user has posted pictures of his PC setup that hooks up an Apple 30″ LCD to a NVIDIA QuadroFX card.

I’ve posted links to bigger photos in the full posts. There are screenshots of Doom3 at 2560×1600!

[Apple 30" LCD on PC 1/3]
[Apple 30" LCD on PC 2/3]
[Apple 30" LCD on PC 3/3]

[Doom3 at 2560x1600 - 1/4]
[Doom3 at 2560x1600 - 2/4]
[Doom3 at 2560x1600 - 3/4]
[Doom3 at 2560x1600 - 4/4]

[Apple 30 LCD" monitor]

[via macbidouille (French)]

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