US Robotics 125Mbps Router (USR 5416)U.S. Robotics has a new line of Wifi “G” (802.11G) product.

Wifi “G” has a speed of 54Mbps, but the new U.S Robotics line can top 125Mbps.

One advantage that U.S Robotics has is that their product seems work in a mixed environment with 11/22/54/100/125Mbps equipment working at the same time.

Some competing routers switch automatically to the slowest protocol, if you introduce a 11Mbps device in the network, for example.

The 108+Mbps capable protocol is planned to be defined as the 802.11N standard, but it seems that manufacturer are not waiting for the final specifications to release their hardware. Normally, most routers could be updated in the future, but it’s not certain, so keep this in mind if you buy now. The current hardware could be incompatible with the final 802.11N specifications.

In the meantime, you can enjoy 802.11N speeds today (who knows when the standard will be finalized) by getting the router and the receiver from the same line of product.

[US robotics]
[via BIOS magazine]

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