Cellphones Viruses: it can only get worse Cellphones Viruses: it can only get worseRecently, there were a lot of talks about viruses targeting cellphones. This is a relatively new phenomenon and I’m sure of only one thing: it’s going to get worse.

If you think about it, it is only logical that viruses are starting to spread via cellphones. These gizmos are as powerful as old computers. On top of that, they are naturally connected, not only to their network, but also with each other, using short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth. They can also send and receive emails with attachment and they are so programmable that one can download games… or Trojan horses.

There is little protection available at this moment, and the number of different Operating Systems (OS) makes less easy to write anti-virus programs. Manufacturers of such software will make a bunch of money and I can already imagine the wireless carrier proposing an anti-virus protection plan that will cost you a few bucks per month.

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