Apple's Powerbooks keep the G4 processor

Apple’s new line of Powerbooks (check prices) might not use the G5 processor, but a speed bump is always a good idea. Among other interesting features, the notebooks come with Wifi 802.11G (54Mbps), Bluetooth 2.0, 512MB of memory and an innovative “scrolling trackpad”. It allows the user to scroll the content of a window, simply by using two fingers on the trackpad. If one finger is used, it’s the mouse cursor that is controlled. It’s pretty clever.

“Sudden Motion Sensor” is a feature that basically parks the heads of the hard drives if it detects that the computer is falling. It’s something that Apple initially wanted to use for the iPod, but I guess that any device with a hard drive could benefit from it. So, if you drop your laptop, it might be broken and in pieces, *but* you have a better chance of getting the data back.

For the high-end, it’s a notably good surprise that the Powerbook 17″ is capable of driving the Apple 30″ LCD monitor.

It was previously rumored that Apple would launch a line of powerbook G5 in Q2 2005. The information came from Taiwanese contract manufacturers that build these laptops for Apple.

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