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Fujitsu Lifebook N3510 Review [Bottom-line: Good, but not as a DVR]

The N3510’s most notable trait is its amazingly bright, color-enhanced, crystal view TFT display, which leaves a lasting first impression. This 15.4-inch WXGA makes DVDs, games, and even Web pages pop with a vibrancy we’ve never seen on a notebook, easily rivaling the performance of a CRT desktop monitor. The matte black casing looks sleek enough from a distance, though in use it’s susceptible to fingerprint smears.

Rounding out its multimedia capabilities, the N3510 comes with a multi-format DVD writer, a TV Tuner, and DVR functionality. The flexible DVD burner allows you to burn CDs and DVDs on nearly any kind of media. The notebook allows you to watch TV or DVDs without having to boot windows, which is a great feature for saving battery life while on the go. The accompanying InterVideo software suite is easy enough to use, but the DVR software is leagues beneath the Windows Media Center package when it comes to program guides and its user interface.

Some people may want more power in a desktop replacement, and others will want a more portable solution. The N3510 offers adequate performance while affording the user mobility. It’s a perfect stop-gap solution for those looking for an all-in-one notebook.

• Bright screen
• DVD Burner
• Good graphics

• Poor DVR software
• Short battery life

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