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PSP Genesis
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Head on hereto grab thelatest version (v0.19) of the Genesis emulator for the Sony PSP.Great for reliving those frantic moments when you were busy saving the world from Dr. Robotnik’s evil machinations. Who could forget the rush when your console was the only one on the block that allowed you to play Mortal Kombat in its full gore?

Dubbed the PSP Genesis, this emulator has the following features :-

• 6 button joystick support
•zip support (using Ruka’s unziplib)
• fixed a bug in save states (Caution! Current saves won’t work)
• user definable controls
• optimized the sound code a bit (more games run faster now).
• games list is now sorted
• implemented newUI
• user skins support forUI
• return to current game support
• frameskip options
• V-Sync option
• multiple save slots per game
• experimental 50Hz conversion
• added 266Mhz CPU speed setting
• other miscellaneous fixes and features

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