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Logitech´s Wireless, Identity & Curve series headphones

Logitech will launch 3 new stylish headphones, one of which is wireless.  The Wireless, Identity, and Curve series are sold in the $29.99, $39.99, and $129.99 price range.

The Wireless version (using Bluetooth 1.2 technology) is similar to the black headphones that Logitech launched in June. The MP3 player version  connects directly to your MP3 player.

Next up, the Identity version has interchangeable covers that are located on the outside of the earmuffs. Available only in September, there are 4 color plates to choose from; namely orange, white, black, or green.

The curvy behind-the-head style comes with comfort rings on each earpiece to keep it solidly in place under vigorous outdoor activity. Made of durable translucent polycarbonate material, these babies are water resistant and can survive quite a few knocks.

All 3 headphones come with a set of full-range neodymium drivers that will deliver rich audio and enhanced bass performers.

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