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Motorola has taken on a new funk and growing its portfolio of productivity-focused devices, and the Motorola A910, A728, and A732 are a trio of handsets that were designed to deliver a seamless mobile office experience for today’s on-the-go professional.

Setting a new benchmark in cell phones of its class, Motorola’s A910 leads the pack with its WiFi connectivity features that runs on a Linux software platform for greater flexibility and top-notch performance. Using Motorola’s next-gen user interface, the clam-shell A910 utilizes UMA technology that allows seamless access to GSM and GPRS over a wireless LAN. It doesn’t stop there as MotoSync(TM) connection capabilities offers the user a home and office desktop experience while you’re on the road. The integrated RAZRWIRE eyewear-compatible Bluetooth feature allows more freedom with its hands-free communication.

The A728 is Linux-based that offers a range of communication features, including intelligent handwriting, PIM and e-mail capability, SyncML support, speech recognition dialing, hands-free connections, “Power Word” dictionary and Yahoo! Messenger.

Finger-writing recognition brings you into a new dimension with the Motorola A732. Your finger is the most important tool here as you use it to write both Chinese or Roman characters on the sliding keypad. Its in-built predictive text engine learns each user’s writing style, so you do not have to conform to the machine; instead it conforms to your personal style. Basic gesture commands for editing and switching between languages have also been included in a stylish slider form-factor.

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