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Wintek, Beond, Wistar MP3 players


Wintek, Beond & Wistar have unleashed 3 uniquely designed MP3 players that throw the words ‘sleek’ and ‘minimalist’ out of the window. This trinity of designs look far out, and its triangular nature might look offensive to those who are so used to the brick shaped ones.

Wistar’s Lyra MP-209 looks like a part from a piano, performs like any basic MP3 player. It supports MP3/WMA/WMV/ASF/WAV file formats, has a built-in FM radio, voice recorder and USB 2.0 connectivity. Unfortunately there are no color LCD screens nor even a colored backlit display to gain an edge over the other two.

Next up is Wintek’s 406 that looks eerily similar to the MP-209. Do they actually share the same design team? With only MP3 and WMA support, you might lose out on great tunes offered no different formats. However, its saving grace is the color screen that looks pretty good. Throw in the FM radio and voice recorder and you get another ho-hum package.

Beond’s BO-F17 is another triangular shaped entity that comes with an OLED display. Supporting MP3, WMA, and WAV formats, the BO-F17 also has a built-in FM tuner. In addition, there is a text-viewer and a line-in recorder that gives it a slight edge over the previous two. Unlike the MP-209 and 406 that run on lithium-ion batteries, the BO-F17 just uses a simple AAA battery for all its power needs.

Memory capacity for all 3 MP3 players are unknown, but at best we figure it out to be flash-based.

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