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Casio is usually associated with the explosive combination of solar and atomic power in watches, but Seiko have taken a step to remedy this with its Brightz line. It is the first atomic watch that works across the globe. This means that the Brightz will be impeccable anywhere that has an atomic clock – and the current spots are Japan (Fukushima an Kyushu), Germany (Frankfurt) and the US (Fort Collins, Colorado) – that covers quite a lot of territory.

Seiko plans to sell these in Japan next month, with plans to venture into the European market sometime in the future. There is no word on an American release date at time of update though. (specs below)

[Via Watch Report]

• Worldwide radio-controlled atomic time calibration (Japan, Germany, and the US).
• Solar powered. When fully charged, the battery will hold enough power to run continuously for 6 months, or 1.5 years using the power saving function.
• Manual receiving function (which means you can calibrate the watch without waiting for its scheduled calibration time which is the middle of the night).
• Receive results display function (which means the watch will let you know that it has successfully calibrated).
• World time in 24 time zones.
• Automatic hand adjustment. If the hands become misaligned (as hands sometimes do due to magnetism or shock), it will automatically realign them.
• Bright titanium case and bracelet.
• Water-resistant to 10 ATM (that’s 10 BAR, 100 meters, or 330 feet).

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