la conférence de lancement de Macromedia Studio 8

Macromedia is launching Studio 8 on sept 12 in the US and sept 27 in France. Ubergizmo asked if there will be a Linux version for Dreamweaver and the Macromedia representative told us that he couldn’t answer the question for the moment… We think that there will be one.

Studio 8 innovations highlights :
(Studio 8 includes Flash, Dreamweaver, Contribute, Fireworks)

Now video compression is in VP6 (by company ON2) instead of standard Sorensson Spark, this is brilliant, the rendering is a way more fluid (exit the big compression blocks in the image) and the file is lighter. Another impressive new feature is the alpha channel, it allows the blending of 2 videos, the demo was amazing!
The big thing : the bitmap cache, the vectors are converted into bitmap which save a lot of processing resources on the client side (user) while a flash movie is played online.

Some neat new features in the famous html editor :
– you can zoom in the html page (like the Firefox extension Eyedroper).
– integration tool to include RSS in the pages
– support PHP 5 with a code guide
– the most expected for a long time : dissociation of the FTP engine from the software, now we can do something else than drinking coffee while uploading the pages on the server

Thanks to our reporter in Paris :)

Pre-order on Macromedia website

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