Didigo's SmartDrive USB Key with LED Display

Didigo’s Smartdrive series are equipped with BCD (Bi-Choesteric Display), allowing the owner to view the disk space available in both text and pie chart formats. Don’t fret about this function taking up additional battery power – it doesn’t. Didigo’s USB key offers different sizes for various needs, ranging from 128MB to 4GB and weighs just 15g. Check out the features after the jump. Via Chip Chick

• The world’s first Smart USB Flash Drive which is capable of showing personal ID and remaining capacity without battery needed
• High speed USB 2.0 with built-in flash of 128/ 256/ 512MB, 1/ 2/ 4GB
• With the most advanced technology ¡V Bi-stable Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display, show 11 characters or graphs and remaining MegaByte capacity without battery
• Blue LED indicates when data is transferred in every direction
• Patented firmware to detect and display any changes in information after plugging in to the USB port
• Customizable LCD content when required

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