IPEVO Skype USB Phone Review

We’ve received the stylish IPEVO Skype USB Phone that we’ve mentioned previously on Ubergizmo. The unit is juts as we thought it would be: very light (65g) and well designed. T is very easy to configure. Basically, just install the software, then plug the phone. In our case, we tried it on a Power Mac G5 and we conveniently plugged phone to the keyboard USB plug. We quickly tried to call a few friends to hear how good the sound was, and it’s very good.

If you are calling other computers, the main buttons that you’ll care about are the “Yes”, “No” and “Scroll” ones. That’s really what I use the most. To use SkypeOut, just press “+” and dial as you would normally do.

Three function buttons are also present to make your life easier. They look a bit like the Sony Playstation buttons: Circle, Diamond, Square. By default, they are setup as follow:
Circle: Opens Text Message window
Diamond: Send Voice Message
Square: Setup Ring Tone
Of course, you can customize them to something that fits your needs.

We really like this Skype phone. It is reasonably priced ($29.99 today) and is worth every penny. However, it is not perfect: we would love to get a monitor mount/dock and a coiled handset cord.

Product Homepage:IPEVO

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