ATO unveils iSee 360i

The iSee 360i from ATO aims to turn the majority of Click Wheel iPods, the iPod mini and nano into a video recording/playback powerhouse. The iSee 360i plays video and is able to record shows directly from your TV for playback at a more convenient time. You can even use it to download movies, music, and other compatible media formats from the Internet and experience it there and then. The 3.6″ LCD display offers a much more comfortable viewing experience when compared against the iPod’s miniscule screen. The iSee 360i comes with the software required for audio/video conversion purposes. It costs nearly as much as a 30GB 5G iPod at $250. More features after the jump. • 3.6″ high quality LCD screen
• Lightweight mobile design
• Replaceable, rechargeable 2200mAh battery with 4 hours of battery life
• User-friendly GUI
• Video in/Video out port
• Supports multiple video formats including MPEG 2/4
• Audio in/Audio out port
• VidiScape host application and AcrSoft audio/video conversion software included

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