WY-13-BT2 Bluetooth GPS receiver

The WY-13-BT2 Bluetooth GPS receiver from Weiyang is an extremely simple device that will not attract the attention of power users. The WY-13-BT2 brings wireless navigation to mainstream PDA brands, handheld GPS navigators, and smartphones such as the iPAQ, O2, TomTom, or Sony Ericsson. There is no SiRFStar III GPS chipset inside – instead, an ultra low power consumption chipset from Nemerix will drive all GPS functions. Its rechargeable li-ion battery is capable of providing up to 20 hours of power before running out of juice. More features are available after the jump. Performance
• GPS Chipset: NEMERIX GPS Module
• Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
• C/A Code: 1.023MHz chip rate
• Channels: 16 CH all in view tracking
• Antenna (Internal): Built-in low noise
• External Antenna: Port Active MMCX Antenna

• 3 meters CEP (50%), without SA (Horizontal) 7meters (90%)
• Velocity: 0.1 m/sec. without SA
• Time: ± 100 ns synchronized to GPS time
• Dynamic Conditions
• Altitude: 18,000 m
• Velocity: 515m/sec.
• Acceleration: 4g
• Motional: Jerk 20 m/sec.

• 147 dBm Tracking, Superior Urban Canyon Performance

Acquisition Rate
• Cold Start: 45 sec, average
• Warm Start: 38 sec, average
• Hot Start: 10 sec, average
• Reacquisition: 100 ms, average

• Rechargeable 5VDC 850mAh Li-ion battery
• Operation Current: 45mA (Typical)
• Operation Time: 20hrs continuous (MAX)
• Charging Time: 2.5hrs. (Typical)

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