Apple TV contains relics
Apple TV contains relics

The Apple TV might have been announced just last week, but taking it apart will reveal nothing more than a device that uses technology which used to be cutting edge a few years back.Seriously, what can one expect in a $299 device? The Apple TV is said to pack an Intel Pentium M-based 1.0GHz processor as well as a 40GB hard drive. Video decoding is aided by the presence of a 64MB video card used in mid-range notebook systems, while total system memory maxes out at a mere 256MB. There really shouldn’t be any reason to mope about the relative age of the Apple TV’s innards as long as it performs up to your satisfaction.

It just goes to show that having tons of Gigahertz packed into the system can be pretty irrelevant when you think about it – devices that come with more than enough power to do its job doesn’t mean it requires the latest and greatest from hardware manufacturers as that would just be overkill. Somehow, it is the consumers who feel much better about themselves when they pick up the most up-to-date purchase instead of looking at it from the practical point of view.

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