Cisco Sues Apple Over iPhone Name

Since we posted about the Linksys iPhone (owned by Cisco Systems) we knew that Cisco and Apple were on a collision course. While many see the recent iPhone line release as a cheap attempt from Linksys to put the “iPhone” trademark in use before Apple, it turns out that Cisco acquired the iPhone name in 2000, when they bought InfoGear.

As the Apple iPhone rumor grew, Cisco must have been preparing for battle with Apple, having its lawyers franticly drafting the lawsuit that was filed just one day after Apple’s announcement. I’m not sure what Cisco’s goal is: legitimate use oftheir trademark? Get royalties from Apple? Cut a deal to get Apple to use Linksys’ components for Airport? Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m having a hard time believing that Apple didn’t know about it, but Iit looks likethe iPhone name was just too good to pass on. Let’s see how Apple will argue this one in court.

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