GPS Shoes keep track of kids

GPS-integrated shoes – now why didn’t I think of that? The Xplorer line of Smart GPS shoes from GTX Corp. come with an integrated GPS tracking device which helps parents keep tabs on their children. In addition, parents are able to set up a virtual boundary, where they will be duly noted via SMS should the shoes leave beyond the designated area. GTX claims that the batteries in these shoes can last up to several days, but did not mention whether they were rechargeable or not. Kids who are tech savvy (and by that, we mean those who read Ubergizmo in its many incarnations) will definitely cast a wary eye when they receive the Xplorer GPS Shoes for their birthday or Christmas, but remember this kids – your parents are doing this out of love! If only Cinderella had a pair last time, she would’ve saved herself and the prince a whole lot of heartache.

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