Ricoh 500SE Camera is GPS equipped

With the semiconductor industry getting better and better at miniaturizing chips, it is no wonder so many devices these days cross over each other in terms of functionality. Granted, digital compact cameras with MP3 playback did not really take off, but here is an idea that just might work. Ricoh has released the 500SE digital camera with a GPS chipset inside. This 8 megapixel camera targets outdoor enthusiasts, boasting an extremely rugged body that is more than capable to hold its own against the elements without missing a beat.

In addition, the 500SE is capable of receiving NMEA data streams from other external GPS devices through the integrated Bluetooth radio. It must be stated that the 500SE targets a niche market, and is used to optimize map-based workflows. You will also get GPS track log capability, GPS lock, and the ability to transfer images wirelessly to other handheld devices through Bluetooth or WiFi. You will have to check with authorized Ricoh Geo-Imaging resellers for a price quote and availability.

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