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So far tablet PCs have been marketed for those in the medical arena, but those aren’t exactly built to cater for doctor’s needs. Emano Tec claims to have a better solution in the form of the MedTab – a medical tablet that is light (weighing under a pound) which features a whooping 8-hour battery life and the robustness to shake off a one meter drop onto concrete without any adverse consequences. The MedTab also goes one up on tablet PCs by providing the optimal screen size and resolution to view and update EMRs, something doctors deal with on a daily basis. It can even be monitored to ensure the MedTab does not leave the premises without prior permission. More specifications are available after the jump.

• Portable – 12 Ounces, measuring 5.5” x 7.5” x 0. 5” which comfortably fits a lab coat pocket
• High Resolution Display – 1024 x 768 pixels using a proprietary E-Ink high contrast, low power “digital paper” display.
• Rugged – capable of withstanding 30g impact
• Touch Screen (including pen for notations)
• Intel 624MHz Processor
• WinCE OS
• Bluetooth for audio or data transfer
• Fingerprint scanner
• Audio In/Out
• 802.11/g WiFi
• Cisco’s OEM security Client– supporting state of the art wireless security

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