Zacod keypad to improve on QWERTY

It is safe to say that hardcore typists swear by the QWERTY keyboard on a cellphone, but the Zacod variation throws a spanner into the works by claiming that it is much better. Zacod’s ZK-M100 concept keyboard consists of a keypad based on a 3-axis principle. Each button has been transformed into a joystick or rocker key that can be tilted in different directions, letting you map several letters to a single button. While it is more efficient, it remains to be seen whether the Zacod is faster. I assume with time and mad skills, the Zacod could beat out QWERTY by a hair’s breadth, but it had better be well constructed as joysticks seem to be prone to failure after a while as many Sony Ericsson cellphone owners can attest to.

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