Microsoft unleash new controllers

Looks like the Xbox 360 has gotten a fair number of new gaming controllers at E3, with the text-intensive Xbox 360 ChatPad leading the way. The ChatPad comes with a backlit QWERTY keyboard that offers thumb-friendly text chat capabilities when hooked up to your Xbox 360 controller. The Big Button Pad looks more suited for the Wii, boasting a wand-like controller with a quartet of buttons along its shaft, culminating in a huge button on top. This is meant to draw in casual gamers with its simple design before they graduate to the more complex Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox ChatPad will be available this September for $29.99 while the Big Button Pad will be bundled with the Xbox 360 title “Scene It?” for $60. Oh yeah, the regular Xbox 360 controllers also now come in two new colors – garish pink and dark blue.

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