Ooma to offer free voice calls

And for life, to boot! How does this delicious sounding proposition work out? Simple – Ooma’s boxes will handle locally certain amounts of telecom switching, thanks to a slick looking box that contains a couple of general purpose processors and embedded Linux underneath the hood. All you need to do is plug in your broadband connection and you’re good to go. Those with old school landlines can also plug it into the box to make calls via Ooma. So you’ll still have to pay a monthly subscription fee for your broadband, but at the very least there is no need to fork out extra for the landline now, is there? Ooma will make international calls available for a modest fee which will definitely be cheaper than what you’re currently paying for with your landline though. The entry price point might be a poser though, where $399 is bound to scare plenty of people away who are looking for a budget call solution in the first place.

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