Augmentix XTG630 welcomes adversity

For those who live life on the edge, it makes perfect sense to pick up a notebook that is more than capable of absorbing the occasional shock or drop. The Augmentix XTG630 fits the bill perfectly, featuring the innards of a Dell D630 with an outer shell that meets military specifications when it comes to ruggedness. With a dense magnesium exoskeleton with over-mold protection system on the outside, you can be sure that a minor drop or knock is brushed off easily. Features include a dual core Intel 2.4GHz processor, an integrated graphics processor, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and a 14.1″ DirectVue LCD that supposedly works great even under direct sunlight. A full sealed keyboard and a shock-mounted hard drive cage rounds off the list of features. No pricing details are currently available.

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