Celluon CL850 virtual laser keyboard

Virtual laser keyboards have been around for many years already and they aren’t exactly very popular with PDA and smartphone users, but Celluon has not given up the fight just yet with the CL850 virtual laser keyboard that will be launched early next month. The CL850 comes with its trademarked 3D electronic perception technology that identifies the location and movement of the typer’s fingers, transmitting such input to the user’s device. You can choose to hook it up via Bluetooth or USB, enabling you to use this with desktop computers or even notebooks although I’m not too sure why you’d want to do that. I’m still uncomfortable with the idea that there’s no tactile feedback to speak of until now although it does include a buzzer that provides keystroke sounds. The CL850 will support English, Spanish, German, French, and native Korean languages, retailing between $108 and $215 when available.

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