Skullcandy G.I. headphones is hardcore

So you think your pair of headphones is pretty tough looking, eh? The Skullcandy G.I. Headphones will definitely put yours to shame, featuring a military-inspired design that offers great sounding sound while making you look mean. I love the heavily-padded headband portion along with fake bullets stored above, giving you some semblance of street cred. Just make sure you have the necessary clothing to go along with it lest you look out of place. There will be different styles available, including desert camo, urban camo, and Rasta. Be prepared to fork out $69.95 for a pair of these though. High fashion truly comes at a price these days, but thankfully this Skullcandy offering is comfy to wear thanks to soft leather speakers that swivel a full 90 degrees. Each purchase comes with an extra pair of earpads and a travel bag.

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