DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionTungle is a calendar sharing service with chat capabilities.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionVello makes the conference call easy: in 2 clicks and 15 seconds the COO (on stage) made all the DEMO attendees’ mobile phones ring! It can be used from a mobile phone as well.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionTubes is a real-time file sharing service: by simply dragging the files into the Tubes widget the user share them immediately, and the file has its own web URL to make it easier to share.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionYuuguu allows the users to share instantly their computer screen fro free. It has also instant messaging and conference call capabilities.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionMyQuire is an online project management tool with social networking and conferencing features.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionInstacoll is an internet-based document sharing and collaboration tool with off-line capabilities

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionApprema‘s StarMail is an email collaboration platform, with its payment solution Starpay.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionProlify is a collaboration tool integrated in the email, the user can share documents, modify them and track decisions and iterations on a documents with his/her team via email.

DEMOFall   the Collaboration SessionDimDim is a free web meeting service, you can easily show your slides and desktop as well as chat and broadcast via webcam.

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