Hacker comes clean

Over a year has passed after David Maynor claimed to have found a method to take over a Macintosh computer by exploiting a flaw in the system’s wireless card, and he has decided to publish the nitty gritty on the situation. These details are available in the September issue of Uninformed.org, an online hacking magazine, describing in great length on “how to run unauthorized software on a Macintosh by taking advantage of a flaw in Apple’s AirPort wireless drivers.” This bug was patched in September 21 with no credit given to Maynor for discovering it as Apple’s engineers took the glory instead, laying claim to stumbling across this exploit during an internal audit. If you’re interested to know further, Maynor has revealed that he will publish a second paper in the near future on Uniformed.org to explain how to write software that will run on a compromised system.

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