Lack of interest for Mobile TV in Europe?
Lack of interest for Mobile TV in Europe?

A new study from Gartner found that only 5% of Europeans are interested in Mobile TV because one would end-up with a bulky phone, or a tiny display, both of which aren’t that appealing. I’m sure that some of you will scream “iPhone”, and yes, may be a better phone design could help solve the problem but it’s just not there.

However, just as I said in 2005, the lack of interest is bigger than that. For many, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to watch TV on the go. At least, not enough to justify paying a monthly fee. So here’s my message for telcos: “let phone manufacturers innovate, stop being control freaks and make a mobile TV pricing that makes sense (hint: super cheap). Oh, and don’t be afraid of using the word Broadcasting”

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