Order a Big Mac via cellphone

Looks like Koreans will now be able to place orders for their favorite meals from McDonald’s using nothing but the humble cellphone. Employing the “Touch Order” menu (and being the first in the world to do so) and RFID technology, users will just plug the RFID reader located at each table into their handsets (compatible only with those manufactured after June 2005), and point it at the desired food item. The bill will be charged via the cellphone, and whenever the meal is ready, the system will alert the hungry customer with a text message to pick up the tray at a designated counter. Sounds great for those who hate to wait in line – just be careful if you’re dining alone. Should you get up to take your food, somebody else might take this opportunity to steal your spot, potentially starting off a food fight. After all, a hungry person is an angry person.

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