AnyFix universal phone charger

The AnyFix universal phone charger designed by Luigi Colani is one futuristic-looking one, and lays claim to being able to work with up to 80% of cellphones that are currently available on the market. While the design might be “wireless”, it is but a cradle for cellphones which is a great way to work with the term. The main thrust behind the AnyFix is connecting it to the nearest power outlet, place your handset inside it, press a button, and the charger will automatically determine as well as select the correct charging connector for the handset. To date, there are 15 autographed AnyFix chargers by Colani himself and are currently available for auction on eBay, where proceeds will go to the Ethiopian charity trust Menchen Für Menschen (MFM). As for the final commercial product, you can place your pre-orders today with each AnyFix charger retailing for €39.

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