Digitrad Stand4U

I got a demo of the new Digitrad unified communication platform Stand4U from Micha Benoliel, CEO. The service is like Grand Central, but for enterprise. Digitrad makes it possible for companies of any size to set up a VoIP, interactive voice response, and Internet-based PBX telephone services without investing in any new IT infrastructure. Digitrad provides a phone number linked to an interactive voice service that can be easily customized thanks toits user friendly web interface. Another great feature is the Flash virtual phone that allows the user to call any phone number from a web page!

I like Stand4U: it is great for small businesses to get a complex phone system with no additional infrastructure investments, paired with an easy to use web interface. The service is available in Europe (UK and France), and it will be available in the US Q1 2008. The Flash Virtual phone will launch in Europe Q1 2008. For more information check out the demo.

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