Flash Focus a totally different game Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day is a totally new genre where video games are concerned, with the main thrust being training users’ eyes in various areas such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and visual acuity. Sounds totally whacked out, right? Well, you would be interested to know that top tier athletes have been using high-tech computerized visual training programs for a long time now, in order to gain an edge in the baseball diamond, basketball court and football field. Thanks to Nintendo, this visual exercising tool is now available to the layman and joins the ranks of other training software. You must first determine your DS Eye Age, and hopefully spending more minutes with this game will decrease the Eye Age with time. To get a gist of what some of these activities are, they include memorizing a target letter while counting just how many times it appears in a fast moving stream of letters on the screen. Does it sound like fun to you?

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