FPD Day 4   Shinoda Plasma steals FPD Internationals thunder
FPD Day 4   Shinoda Plasma steals FPD Internationals thunder

In what certainly wasn’t a coincidence, the inventor of the plasma display, Tsutae Shinoda, chose the same time the FPD International 2007 event was being held to announce that his company, modestly known as Shinoda Plasma Corp. and based in Kobe, Japan, would start production shipments of the company’s “Plasma Tube Array” modules in the second half of 2008. The technology consists of “plasma tubes” sandwiched between upper and lower film electrodes. The company is planning to start shipments of 3x2m PTA modules to set manufacturers in the latter half of 2008 which will then give you the possibility of putting a 142 inch plasma TV in your living room. One advantage of the PTA technology is by using a film substrate, the weight of the module is lower then a conventional plasma module.

However, FPDI continued to produce news. Samsung Electronics of Korea showed off a 19 inch LCD panel made using soda-lime glass. Compared to the glass usually used in LCD panels, soda-lime glass, the same type of glass as used in drink bottles, is cheaper and can be more easily formed. Samsung claimed they were ready to start shipment of LCD panels using this glass. [FDP coverage by NikkeiBP's Tech On!]

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