GeForce 8800 GT Spanks the Competition

Built under the “G92” codename, the GeForce 8800 GT makes its debut today and provides fast DX10 performance at a lower price point, fulfilling the “cheaper, faster, better” motto of any semi-conductor company. The new card truly spanks the competition, offering better performance at almost half the price (benchmark) – quite painful for AMD, really.

Some are complaining that the 8800 GT is “not better” than the 8800 GTX because it has a lower clock speed and a few less “stream processors” (computing units that execute shading code), but they just don’t get it: higher clock speed and more transistors mean higher prices. Building a more efficient chip that performs better with less units and a lower clock is an extraordinary achievement that adds real value. Available on NewEgg for $260.

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