Griffin Evolve Wireless Sound System

Griffin’s Evolve wireless speaker system looks really cool. It is a set of wireless speakers that connect wirelessly to a base. The user plugs an iPod as one would do with any other speaker/dock but at any time, you can pickup the speakers and drop them anywhere in the room. Of course, each speaker has its own rechargeable battery rated at 10 hours (by Griffin). There is also a standard audio input, if you happen to use a non-iPod player.

That’s not all: it is possible to sync more than two speakers (an unlimited number, we’ve been told) to the base station. The stand-alone wireless speakers (without the base) will be sold separately for an undermined price. If Griffin is reasonnable on the pricing, you could spread them all over your place :)

The question is: does it sound as good as it looks? $300 at Best Buy only.

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