King Kong Eclipse D4000 massage chair

The 5559B Eclipse D4000 electronic massage chair friom KingKong USA means serious business and does not monkey around, bringing advanced acupuncture point deluxe air massages to the comfort of your living room. It also boasts MP3 audio support in order to help you relax further as you wind down after a hard day’s work. The chair is capable of measuring the length of your back and width of your shoulder, making calculations for the precise from/to positions as it figures out the optimal massaging paths that will provide the greatest pleasure for your body. Features include five massage functions, an air-pressure massage function, 3D intelligent detecting and massage, and a body shape sensor. It comes with 1GB of internal memory for your MP3 needs, although I would’ve preferred to have a memory card slot of some sort instead. You can pick up the King Kong Eclipse D4000 for $5,999.

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