Nintendo Wii helps stroke victims recover
Nintendo Wii helps stroke victims recover

Looks like the Nintendo Wii has found yet another use other than keeping the masses entertained – a local rehab institution in Minneapolis is currently using the Wii to rehabilitate stroke victims with some degree of success. According to a 77-year old victim, he claims the Wii is extremely motivational and gives you the illusion that you’re progressing even if you’re not, putting you in a better frame of mind. He has used it to recover movement in his hand and feet, which goes to say a lot about the Wii’s regenerative powers. In other news, we’re still waiting for Folding@HOME on the PS3 to cure cancer. The next thing you know, the Nintendo Wii will be able to bring peace to the Middle East and turn North Korea into a democracy.

Publisher’s note: the man in the photo might get a stroke if he continues for too long. He’s probably not *recovering* from one.

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