Defective hard drives in some Mac Books
The hard disk head can land on the surface and damage the data

Apple Insider is reporting that some Mac Books have flawed Seagate hard drives and that there’s a risk of losing data. From the site:

“The affect drives — model numbers ST96812AS and ST98823AS — are commonly found in notebooks such as Apple’s MacBook or MacBook Pro, the firm says. To determine whether a MacBook has one of the affected drives, it’s suggested that owners go to their Mac’s System Profiler application and check the revision number under the Serial ATA listing. If the System Profiler indicates that the computer is using a Seagate hard drive with firmware Version 7.01, Retrodata recommends backing up all data and then having the drive replaced.” (How to determine if your drive is at risk by RetroData)

Apple has not recalled any laptop so far.

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