Mega Brain Boost for the DS The DS is one handheld console that makes you think much more than you normally do thanks to its slew of brain-bustin’ titles, and Mega Brain Boost is the latest in the fast growing niche of brain games. Mega Brain Boost will retail for an affordabel $19.99 and feature three games in one – the previously released Brain Boost Gamma Wave and Brain Boost Beta Wave in addition to a never-before-released game that aims to improve both memory and concentration prowess of the gamer. These games were developed under the consultation of renowned researcher and author, Dr. Makoto Shichida, creator of the Right Brain Development Theory. Best of all is a multiplayer feature that lets up to 2 people face off against one another – a suitable way for geeks to settle disputes. Mega Brain Boost will be released in Januart 2008.

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