OLPC XO laptop sued

Who would’ve thought that even the OLPC XO laptop could be sued because of its multilingual keyboard? Lagao Analysis Corporation (LANCOR) has just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the One Laptop Per Child project and its head Nicholas Negroponte over the multilingual keyboard design used in the OLPC XO notebook. The suit throws accusations that the OLPC project has infringed on LANCOR’s design patent for multilingual keyboards as well as reverse-engineered the company’s software drivers. A suit has already been filed in Nigeria, with another to follow in the US pretty soon. The initial suit has been filed in Nigeria, and say it plans to bring a similar lawsuit in a U.S. federal court. Surely the folks at OLPC were aware that LANCOR has had a pretty long history where developing multilingual, region-specific keyboards for European, African, South American, and U.S. markets are concerned?

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