Today a gadget-shopping website is re-launching: Retrevo‘s mission is to match people and electronics. Last week, we met with CEO Vipin Jain for a private demo of the website’s new version. This is a new kind of online shopping experience for consumer electronics: the key feature is the Value Map where the user can visually compare the “bang for the buck” of similar products (see picture). To test the service, I tried to find a good mid-range camcorder with a hard drive using Retrevo and competing sites. On Wize, Buzillions, ViewScore it was not possible to search by features and the Value Map does not exist. On Yahoo Product, it is possible to search the camcorders using a limited number of predefined features.

According to Vipin, “Retrevo crunches data on hundreds of thousands of products, millions of facts and millions of user and expert reviews from thousands of publisher sites, user reviews, blogs, forums across more than 40 categories, including Digital Cameras, HDTV, Camcorders, and GPS devices”.

The user can easily access the expert and user reviews, the product manuals, a great community rating system and the best deals from the same page. I hope that they will soon have the mobile phone category… I personally would like to have a quicker access to the full specifications.This is a site for the gadget maniacs and the regular people who need a nice electronic toy. If you try it, share your feedback by posting a comment.

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