The iPhone nano is coming (Philippe Khan)

That’s the prediction of tech veteran Philippe Kahn, (who founded Borland in the 80s) now CEO of FullPower Technologies, a company with motion sensing expertise. We don’t know if this prediction is based on more than a personal feeling, but given his position in the industry, it is certainly worth listening at what he has to say.

Ever since the iPhone was announced, we thought that a “nano phone” would be the real killer (although the actual iPhone is doing very well)

On motion sensors, he said: “… the Wii and iPhone are just the beginning. Sensors will soon enable all kinds of functions, such as shaking your cell phone to pick up a call. No buttons, no fingers, just simple, natural gestures”. Well, Samsung has phones that react to gestures, but at this point it doesn’t look likegestures can be used to convince customers to drop the money.

Head to Uberpulse to get the rest of the story.

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