Invisio G5 Bluetooth Headset reviewed Red Ferret has taken the Invisio G5 Bluetooth headset out for a ride, and here’s their take on what the manufacturer claims to be the “smallest and lightest headset in the world”.


Yeah, it’s actually a nice product. You can tell that the company has learned from the past and thought about the design in a bunch of small ways as well as major things like the portable charging case. Its ear friendly form factor, ease of use and flexible power charging mark it out as a bit different in a world full of ho-hum headsets. The use of a standard mini USB port on the charger indicates that you may be able to charge the unit from a generic laptop cable, however there’s nothing in the manual to confirm or deny this. It would also be useful to know whether the unit should be stored permanently in the charging case even when you’re not using it, or will that reduce the efficiency of the battery? Despite these small queries the headset deserves to be taken seriously, even without the usual marketing ‘smallest’ ‘lightest’ flim-flam. Now all I’ve got to do is avoid losing it down the back of the couch.

This £79.99 headset is pretty pricey compared to other generic Bluetooth headsets in the market, but the tiny size has to cost something, right?

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