Litroenergy glows for a long, long time

A company known as MPK claims that throwing some tritium inside a phosphor-coated microsphere will result in a substance that can glow continuously for over a dozen years without an iota of energy input. The technology is known as betavoltaics, using a radioactive gas as its power source. Interestingly enough, tritium radiation (beta particles) can be safely contained by the microspheres it lives inside so there is no need to purchase a radiation suit anytime soon. The materials are not affected by heat or cold, should be able to emit just any color – although I’ve seen only red and green tritium “stuff”.

Will this replace traditional lighting anytime soon? Probably not, as an expert in the matter claims that the intensity is not strong enough to match the light output or replace electric light bulbs. Add that to the fact that there is absolutely no way to turn this thing off, and you’ve got yourself quite a conundrum.

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