Nissan Fuga gets driver aid technology

The Fuga car will be the first vehicle in the world to boast Distance Control Assist and navigation-enabled Intelligent Cruise Control systems. The fformer will determine the following distance of the driver’s vehicle and the relative speed of both vehicles thanks to a radar sensor located in the front bumper. Whenever you start to tailgate the vehicle in front of you too closely, the system will push back the accelerator if you’re stepping on it, but if you aren’t, the brakes will activate automatically. Pretty neat – sounds like the speed matching feature found in TIE Fighter back during the good old DOS game days. As for Intelligent Cruise Control system, it will cruise at the driver preset speed if there are no cars in front, while slowing down appropriately if there is a slowpoke in front of you. Do you think such technologies will help prevent or reduce accidents, or will it just make drivers lazy?

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