WoW Laptop by Dell for $4,450


Dell is coming up with a super-high-end laptop with the WoW (world of warcraft) theme. Customers can choose the “Horde” or “Alliance” camp. Now it is not only good looking (if you are a WoW fan, that said), it also have enough horsepower to get most games to run smoothly. And for good reason, this laptop is based on the XPS M1730. WoW is not the most demanding game out there, but it’s true that it might have a good theme.


  • Extreme Edition Core 2 Duo
  • Dual DX10 GPU in SLI
  • Ageia PhysX Processor (Physics+WoW = huh?)

Availableat on Dec 10th for $4450 (or more, with options)

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