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Apple Keynote, What to Take Away?

apple tv

The Macbook Air and Apple’s entry in the movie rental business where the big items of this keynote. The thin laptop is great, but I think that the movie rental is a much bigger deal for Apple, in the long term.

Apple stepped in (yet) another business, and while everyone talks about convergence, they actually cash-in by fixing the Apple TV – at least, this is what seems (we have not tested it yet). Being able to rent a movie without the wait time caused by mailing the disc is certainly powerful -the Vudu box proved it- and if there’s something that customers would pay for, it’s convenience.

As more than ever, electronics is driven by consumers and the creation of added-value will shift from the back-end (hardware) to the front-end (user-interface/software). Some companies can’t write software or build hardware to save their lives, so mastering both aspects will provide Apple with an edge that competitors will have a hard time to match.

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